• Stanley/cite> says:

  • Brent/cite> says:

  • Jessie/cite> says:

    18888984835 is a line to Vitelity I pushed the number 1 and got to a guy named scott. Now that I have the number I will call him at least 20 times a day.

  • Porfirio/cite> says:

  • Nick/cite> says:

    Pin. Financial, bill collector. Not even calling for the right person.

  • Bertram/cite> says:

    Stalking Eric calls pranks needs help says looking for a prostitute

  • Neal/cite> says:

  • Everette/cite> says:

    Don't know them. Didn't pick up.

  • Joaquin/cite> says:

  • Chadwick/cite> says:

    i didnt answer but im gonna text to see who it is

  • Simon/cite> says:

    Automated marketing call, second call received TODAY, from this number.

  • Sammie/cite> says:

  • Tyrone/cite> says:

    Dont know this person please do not call thank you

  • Jerald/cite> says:

    spam here too. no message - did not pick up. first time - hopefully last time

  • Garth/cite> says:

  • Shad/cite> says:

  • Isidro/cite> says:

    I answered my phone with "Hello" and immediately a rude person asked "Is that how you answer your phone?" Then she asked for Arlinda. I said "You have the wrong number" She asked "Do you know how to reach Arlinda?" I tried to say I had no idea who Arlinda was, but she cut me off and said "The answer is Yes or No".  I hung up on her before I could get on her level and call her a name. I googled the number and found this. Now I know who is responsible and I will let T-Mobile know how the company they employ to collect their bills acts. Not that it would do any good.

  • Carmelo/cite> says:

    Sent him a picture back of my Nutsack. Intend to do so for many months to come

  • Gilbert/cite> says:

  • Kristofer/cite> says:

  • Brain/cite> says:

    they keep calling my home.  I asked them to stop, and the woman was arguementative, and I hung up on her.  They called several more times, and I asked for their corporate office phone number, and they hung up on me.  They called several more times, and I told them to stop again.  They continue to call 3 or more times every day of the week.  No matter how many times I tell them, that I am not interested, and I don't want any more calls, they keep right on annoying me with their calls.

  • Noe/cite> says:

  • Lane/cite> says:

  • Alton/cite> says:

    I answered the phone and it was an automated call discussing a medication that may have caused a birth effect, or harm to yourself....... Blah blah if so you can take part in suing that pharmaceutical company

  • Ken/cite> says:

  • Davis/cite> says:

  • Alan/cite> says:

    I get these calls all the time.  They give me many different names, Ontario Business Development, Ontario Better Business Bureau, etc.  It comes from different numbers, sometimes a 000-000-0000 number.  I agree with Dom!!

  • Esteban/cite> says:

  • Barton/cite> says:

    a recording telling me about a special dental offer

  • Trinidad/cite> says:

    computer. called right back and they said the code I dialed was incorrect.

  • Loyd/cite> says:

    I have received 5 of these text messages in the past 2 days, I also called from a land line. Funny thing is I don't even bank with bank of America.

  • Nicolas/cite> says:

  • Lynwood/cite> says:

    no contestar ni ablarle por el resto de mi vida o cuando lo aiga perdonado

  • Clayton/cite> says:

    My wife is getting blank & unwanted calls and missed calls from this number.

  • Colby/cite> says:

    call from this number, I answered it, know one would answer me, then hung up on me.

  • Frederic/cite> says:

  • Connie/cite> says:

  • Vince/cite> says:

    Someone called from this number and just breathed into the phone all crazy and whatnot. What a freak.

  • Tony/cite> says:

  • Jame/cite> says:

    Saying the fbi reports break in every minute. Trying to get you to pay for a home security system and they put it in for free but charge a large monthly cost to keep it

  • Filiberto/cite> says:

    Advertisement for walmart gift card

  • Ramon/cite> says:

  • Blake/cite> says:

  • Brad/cite> says:

  • Chris/cite> says:

    this person keeps messages up asking if I want to buy kush, which is illegal in PA. When I called, he gave me verbal abuse & said I was racisit, How AM i RACIST FOR NOT WANTING TO BUY DOPE ??

  • Tad/cite> says:

    sent a really weird and sexual text

  • Arden/cite> says:

    Received the call teleling me I will be arrested next day at my house (knew my address) by sheriff department. I said it could be a misteke, as answer I was told I was a mistake.

  • Antoine/cite> says:

    No one replied when I answered...

  • Joan/cite> says:

    no audio video spyware malware text or calls allowed to this android

  • Ellsworth/cite> says:

    Chase bank bill collector