• Linwood/cite> says:

    This number has called me periodically from time to time but I never picked up.

  • Ronnie/cite> says:

    Says to call i've won a Gift card to target

  • Herb/cite> says:

  • Sydney/cite> says:

    calls constantly, please block her!

  • King/cite> says:

    say unable to reach this number at this time

  • Hugh/cite> says:

    several calls--hang ups--no messages.  ???

  • Ron/cite> says:

    Screw this. People are scum.

  • Pat/cite> says:


  • Noe/cite> says:

  • Van/cite> says:

    Got 2 texts from this person, pretty sure he had the wrong number when they asked for Lora tabs or percasets

  • Lacy/cite> says:

  • Dan/cite> says:

  • Harland/cite> says:

    Ron, Quality Control Air Duct Cleaning - robotic message.

  • Valentin/cite> says:

    I am just coming on to this board because a number 1-877-224-9828 and AFTER calling me several times in the last 2 days ALSO from 1-727-712-0382 FINALLY left a message " Give me a F@cking call please !" ......And you call us Telemarket  haters ? I was a Telemarket caller( or more proper title " Call Center " ) you idiot FOR A MORTGAGE COMPANY  THROUGH AN ACTUAL BANK TO LOWER PAYMENTS !  The difference between you job and mine was I got an actual paycheck per week while working in an actual office to pic it up every Friday where as you sit home being promised money to harass people making a bad name for employees such as myself who actually want to call people and offer a service to help them . BECAUSE OF YOU I GET SCREAMED AT ! GO AWAY AND FIND A REAL JOB !

  • Carlton/cite> says:

  • Moshe/cite> says:

  • Arlie/cite> says:

  • Colin/cite> says:

    Got a call this AM (10/30/10) from Tea Party with fake phone number in caller id 1-222-222-2222.  This number is as fake as the Tea Party!  Called the wrong person.

  • Lyman/cite> says:

    I doubt they are reading this...................

  • Elmer/cite> says:

    no tx an call front this num

  • Shelby/cite> says:

    They called after 9pm whomever they are. That is illegal

  • Anthony/cite> says:

    calls house fone, dead static on the other end. likely a telemarketing agent's dialer-bot mining for "live" numbers to sell to clients. don't forget folks, the five year Do Not Call list is expiring---sign up again or else you WILL be sorry!

  • Joe/cite> says:

    This phone number showed up on my bank statement with a charge on my debit card. I don't know who they are. It shows a website associated with it. avataro.biz. It looks like a scam and I don't know how they got my bank info. Beware.

  • Hollis/cite> says:

    got the phone call around 9.00 pm said  hello 3-4 times no anwser...i live in canada

  • Dannie/cite> says:

  • Harvey/cite> says:

    Need quick cash. Log on to quickcash.com and get a loan in as fast as one hour. Text stop not to receive messages.

  • Brett/cite> says:

  • Royce/cite> says:

  • Edwardo/cite> says:

    Same as the others. Text message saying "Call 1(312)628-2331 or 1(678)278-9128. Arizona Fcu".

  • Jefferey/cite> says:

    SPAM! Theyve called me in the past & I reported them to the FCC & these JERKS are at it AGAIN!!!This is HARASSMENT! FCC NEEDS TO PRESS CHARGES FOR "NON-COMPLIANCE"!....FCC, Please do your job!

  • Chris/cite> says:

  • Diego/cite> says:

    Said "Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://bestbuywinners.mobi/ and enter code 4757 to claim your FREE $1000 Best Buy Gift Card now!" I never entered a contest & don't shop at Best Buy regularly.

  • Richie/cite> says:

    I won a thousand dollar Wal-mart card, after I do a survey.

  • Nathanael/cite> says:

    Received call from 120 2442271.Requesting for personla information like bank details ...bt I denayed..

  • Virgil/cite> says:

    Some security company giving away free home security systems.

  • Denis/cite> says:

    They are a public opinions poll group. You take a phone survey and then they promise to send two free cruise tickets. We will see how true that is.

  • Randall/cite> says:

  • Lauren/cite> says:

    They called me 6 times from 209-243-0104 and then 2 times from 0000. He said has name was Shawn Marshall but he was indian. They said I had to confirm my ss# or I was going to regret it and good luck with the things are gonna happen to me. The said it I dont call them back I will go to jail. I called them back and I got an answer machine. They left me 2 threatening messages saying the same thing and if i dont call them back to have a good life. He never would tell me the name of the company. He wanted me to send money ASAP. Don't fall for this it is a SCAM that has started a few days ago please don't fall for it.

  • Noble/cite> says:

  • Reuben/cite> says:

    They being calling me for a very long time, a lady is asking me to deposit $169directly to her account number or shes gonna take me to court and charge me $700for fee I ask her for her number and she say, she can't give me her number for safety issue, I need help on this I never heard something like this

  • Owen/cite> says:

  • Rob/cite> says:

  • Adolph/cite> says:

  • Kasey/cite> says:

  • Leigh/cite> says:

  • Trevor/cite> says:

  • Reginald/cite> says:

    Won't stop calling and texting. Says her name is Kelsey in text messages.

  • Lauren/cite> says:

  • Milan/cite> says:

    It is an "incorrect #" if you call it back. Know what that means? It means it is not a connection that you are able to infiltrate. Why would someone call someone else from a # that is "incorrect" unless they have something to hide....Well they aren't hidden any more.

  • Vicente/cite> says:

    These people called my elderly mother who could bearly understand what they were saying. Told her it was a personal matter. I don't even live in the state.