• Willard/cite> says:

    Text several times just wanted to know who

  • Jacinto/cite> says:

    Get this, I never even ordered anything like this. In fact the credit card that they charged I only use for major purchases so when I saw this charge for $3.95 I was concerned. Then when I checked on the Internet immediately these blogs came up. I called the credit card company and disputed the charge and asked for a new number. The Internet is a blessing and a curse. There needs to be more regulation on these companies who's only purpose is to conduct fraudulent business AND we are the VICTIMS! My suggestion is cancel your card and dispute the charge ASAP!

  • Darron/cite> says:

  • Saul/cite> says:

  • Kory/cite> says:

    stop harassing me and stop harassing my boss

  • Al/cite> says:

    this dude keeps calling me fyi he has bad conection i could hardly understand him then he hung up he calls everyday

  • Jewell/cite> says:

  • Danial/cite> says:

  • Rudolf/cite> says:

    Called again this morning after 3 times yesterday...says nothing, time to report.

  • Perry/cite> says:

  • Seymour/cite> says:

    This is a collection agency and I had them blocked but I decided to answer them the other day as Im about to finish school. Although they will try and talk u out of it, they WILL give u a deferrment if ur in default. I sent back paperwork to Direct Loans, not CTI.

  • Porfirio/cite> says:

  • Seth/cite> says:

    this guy is very crazy i don't want him calling my phone or texing me

  • Royal/cite> says:

  • Fernando/cite> says:

    received a text message saying to contact them.

  • Emmanuel/cite> says:

    i get so many to borrow money and car loan

  • Ron/cite> says:

    I get3 call every day I know there a girl she ask me for sex

  • Johnnie/cite> says:

  • Chauncey/cite> says:

    this person keeps calling (Mr. Washington) and asking for me.. I do not know him or the number so I hang up..

  • Bennett/cite> says:

  • Bruno/cite> says:

    I want to verify this phone caller. This guy is weird of saying foolish things to me last night

  • Erik/cite> says:

  • Graham/cite> says:

    receive free gift card from Wal mart  go to

  • Columbus/cite> says:

  • Cyril/cite> says:

  • Hank/cite> says:

    they texted me about furniture.

  • Israel/cite> says:

  • Ned/cite> says:

    Just dint kno how to call once an then calllll right back with a different number stop call me

  • Cecil/cite> says:

    Did not answer - searched it and it was reported as spam

  • Vaughn/cite> says:

    Keeps asking me to sell my 16 year old daughter for sex

  • Adan/cite> says:

    Just called here for the first time two minutes ago.

  • Colby/cite> says:

    stop this call to my cell phone

  • Cyrus/cite> says:

  • Cliff/cite> says:

    this is a contract with a fictitious character from GI Joe. Edward J Skylar. a contract with fiction characters is not binding. this is a hijacking ransom robbery.

  • Connie/cite> says:


  • John/cite> says:

  • Cletus/cite> says:


  • Paris/cite> says:

    Got a call from 210-331-2239 said he was with child support looking for me I told him that he had the wrong # three month ago  then again last month then again monday 12/13/10' same # one thing that I reialized every time I pay my child support with western union a few days later I get the call again it is a scam don't deal with them

  • Emilio/cite> says:

    I got a call from this number. I think it is someone wanting to recruit a salesperson for Body Magic which seems to be a form fitting body shaping clothing that is worn underneath your regular clothing to make you look good.

  • Shelton/cite> says:

  • Thad/cite> says:

  • Jimmie/cite> says:

  • Bobby/cite> says:

    They were selling advertising for the tribal high school

  • Gene/cite> says:

  • Olen/cite> says:

  • Adolfo/cite> says:

    It was a recorded message telling me to call about my $40 visa card. Not sure what it meant, did not call back.

  • Dana/cite> says:

    They called to speak to my husband wouldn't give me any info

  • Cody/cite> says:

    Same message... ill regular activity against your account... blah blah I'm a lying creditor of some sort blah blah if you are stupid enough to call us back we will threaten you and your life.
    Screw them I blocked the number!

  • Micah/cite> says:

    Got calls from the number.

  • Angelo/cite> says:

    Just got the same msg. I tried to reply via text and got a mailer daemon error msg.