• Frankie/cite> says:

    Received a call on my cellphone from the number on 2-12-13 at 3:32 pm. They left no message. The Do Not Call registry is worthless.

  • Gene/cite> says:

    I call this number and immediately goes to a voice mail. I left a message and said to STOP calling us!

  • Randolph/cite> says:

    Another solution for forcing them to remove your number from their database is to ask this : I offer you 2 solutions. First is that you remove my number from your database permanently. The second is that I charge you 100$ per minutes from my time. Pick your choice. Since all my numbers are for my self-company, its fully legitimate to charger callers once they have been warned... and I charge taxes on top of that. ;)

  • Otha/cite> says:

    Any time you get a cold call from someone demanding money you pretty much know its a scam. Especially if they refuse to give you any details. Always demand a debt validation letter be sent you by US mail. E-mail no good. Of course they wont do this, so--just block their calls.

  • Philip/cite> says:

    m only 12 and they wont stop calling but im to scared to answwer

  • Lane/cite> says:

    I too have a charge for $14.95 that I did not authorize. I will be calling my bank.

  • Emory/cite> says:

    Sending pics etc. Jus block it

  • Gregorio/cite> says:

    Beside what has already been said, it was not mentioned, that it is a number used by scammers.

  • Deandre/cite> says:


  • Lou/cite> says:

    Can I identify my spam callers?

  • Kendrick/cite> says:

    One small problem.you need the name and number of the business in order to file a complaint. How do you get this info when they dont talk when you answer the phone/

  • Darin/cite> says:

    I am getting 000-000-0 calls. Plus several calls per day from 855, 662, 858 and 259 area codes. I received a voice mail from a woman stating she was from the credit protection agency and was investigating a case against me by my ex-husband. I AM WITH VERIZON!

  • Reynaldo/cite> says:

    got this same call at 4:48am in central time in tx and rang about 4 times 5 times each till i answer it and no body answered tryed calling back and a answer machine said to leave a name.

  • Houston/cite> says:

    Dead air...something about homeowners.

  • Orlando/cite> says:

    Just got a text asking me to reply back to 5187235862 (written as, f1ve one eight seven two three five eight six two), although the actual text was sent from [email protected] Those last numbers are an IP address that traced back to the country of Mauritius! Dont reply! Just block the number and sleep well knowing theres a special place in hell for these scumbag spammers.

  • Hiram/cite> says:

    3N Rewards called to say I have a $100 unclaimed gift reward from one of over 800 retailers. They would not give me any information as to who sold them my number. Blocked through cell phone provider.

  • Mohamed/cite> says:

    Called me twice today, no message. Came up with "Life Help" on the caller ID

  • Freddie/cite> says:

    Said that he was an attorney named John Blue. His accent sounded Indian. Said that he needed me or my attorney to contact him as soon as possible.

  • Clement/cite> says:

    Received call at 10:43 a.m. Background noise. Caller hung up without speaking. Received another call from same number at 11:04 a.m. Caller asked for my husband by name. I stated he was not available. Caller stated, "This is a verification call. I'll call back at a more convenient time." and hung up immediately.

  • Derick/cite> says:

    Youre right! Of 5 comparable charities it is rated the lowest by far! And this was studied!

  • Burl/cite> says:

    Just received a call from this number. I live in Puerto Rico and I placed an ad in the newspaper.it was a kid calling..

  • Damien/cite> says:

    Called my number 18 times within the past 4 hours. Never anyone on the line. Sounds like a boiler room operation from all the noise in the background. I am going to cast a spell on the caller next time they call

  • Abel/cite> says:

    crooks called; didnt answer it; blocked this number from future calling.

  • Vernon/cite> says:

    Well, I dont need to go and actually see if the AVC Prize deal is a scam. Let me tell you what I DID find out. My minor son saw the car in a mall and without reading the back of the form, just figured it to be an entry form to win the car. He filled out the form INCOMPLETELY - leaving the household income, age group, home phone number, email address and whether or not he is interested in purchasing a new vehicle in the next 90 days question. He xed the word none in the preferred c/card box. (I have the copy of the form that he filled out - this is why I know how it was completed). These people saw this form as it is and still mailed to him this copy plus the big gimmick letter headed in big bold lettering $49,000 CASH GIVEAWAY.First I attempted to call the toll free number on the letter. 866-804-8590. The number was no good.I then attempted to call the different toll free number on the back of the form. 800-720-5731. The number was no good.I then got on the internet and began searching under any and all names I could find on the letter and form, specifically, AVC and Silverleaf Resorts and a combo of these with the phone numbers, address - 2400 W Pioneer Pkwy #210, Arlington, TX 76013, etc. etc.Eventually, about two hours after starting my search, I located Evelyn at Silverleaf Resorts - 214-951-9236. She told me that they have a timeshare office in Irving, Texas and that AVC in Arlington at the 866-804-8590 number is just a calling center for her company. She transferred me to Irving. I held on the line for approximately 10 minutes when the line suddenly disconnected. I called Evelyn back. She apologized and gave me the direct number and a name to call the Irving office - 972-536-8600 and speak to Amanda. I called that number and Amanda gave me a number to call - 800-720-5621. I told her that number sounded vaguely familiar and that I think I had called it already but would try. Sure enough that number was one of those that gives you a weird sound and then goes silent??? Another bad number. I called Amanda again and she gave me 800-364-4085 to call and then advised that she had nothing to do with the call center and was sorry that this would be the extent that she could help me. Of course I called this last 800 number and it was no good.So in conclusion: If this isnt a total SCAM company - I dont know what is. I know that to report the number to Do Not Call Registry is virtually a waste of time since my minor son actually solicited these people to call his cell phone - not realizing what he was doing. Unfortunately, the calls are coming in several times a day on MY dime since I pay his cell phone bill. And I am truly irritated that there seems to be nothing I can do to get these people to stop making these calls that I am being billed for.

  • Merlin/cite> says:

    yep - claims mastercard lost or locked

  • Tod/cite> says:

    I have called them multiple times asking them to stop, but they don't stop, and they don't give a crap.

  • Leopoldo/cite> says:

    I got the yellow card in the mail as well, in Halifax NS, when I called they told me I had a $100 in gas and a free flight anywhere which was good for 1 year. All I had to do was provide my CC info to purchase magazines for 60 month at $11.50 a month.thats over $600. I asked how they got my name they told me I was looking for free stuff online SCAM

  • Jerrold/cite> says:

    I've been selected to receive a walmart voucher

  • Dustin/cite> says:

    Received call from this #. I answered; after 2-3 seconds caller ended call.

  • Dwain/cite> says:

    Got it too this evening. Same crowd that has been calling everyone at home as well I think. Creditcard Services Inc. or something. It is a strange accent yes, but a recording all the same. If you hang on and press 1, someone will come on and you can then TELL them to take you off the list.

  • Hung/cite> says:

    Keeps calling saying its not a sales call

  • Sammie/cite> says:

    I got my first call with the all zeros, at 3:00 A.M this morning! I didnt know about the all zero one. I only have a tracfone, and dont use it that much. Very scary to get a call at 3:00 a.m, on a phone that mainly only family members call me on.

  • Jason/cite> says:

    Call and Hangup on a Nation DO Not Call Registered Number

  • Ken/cite> says:

    Just got a call form Mr. Justine Webb, same message as everyone else. Total Scam1. He did not say where he was calling from (company Name)2. who this message was for.3. sounds like a recorded message.I did not call back..I will not waste my time on these losers get a real job.

  • Sanford/cite> says:

    Just kept calling and calling and calling, no breaks in between. I picked up finally but didn't say hello and there was nothing on the other end but silence and then a dial tone. Then immediately called back. Finally I said hello and heard a beep and hung up. No more calls. Annoying and creepy.

  • Marquis/cite> says:

    No one answered when I picked up and when I called the number back a pre-recorded message says "this mobile number is no longer in service"

  • Hoyt/cite> says:

    I just had this happen... they just say Goodbye.

  • Al/cite> says:

    I got a call from this number and the obvious indian guy talking said he was from microsoft and that they wanted to send me some kind of refund but I don't understand what for. They were trying to get my back account information so they could send me money through western union. Such a joke. I could tell this was a scam.

  • Beau/cite> says:

    Ive received emails from this so called company. They asked for me to call that number (18664414728) due to an issue with my credit card. Like an idiot, I gave them my credit card number and sent a check for the invoice they had sent due to a balance for Your Baby Can. If anyone has any info on these scumbags, it would be great to know.

  • Chas/cite> says:

    the recorded message claimed to be with an credit card service. the live person said they were with equifax and i told them to immediately remove my number from their lists. i want to know how these people got my PRIVATE cell phone number, since i am on a do not call list.

  • Nickolas/cite> says:

    we got one call and they ask for .... name, and ask if i graduated yet.

  • Erich/cite> says:

    You can call the police but they wont do anything as there has been crime committed at this point. However, try to make an appointment to speak with a detective in the fraud department. Explain the situation. See if a plain clothes officer can be assigned to shadow you if this guy follows through on making that date. You and I both know anyone who has lived in Toronto for a couple years, let alone 25 years, will know SOME major intersections! He is certainly trying to set you up for something. He may well be on an international watch list and if he shows up in Toronto after all, the police may well have themselves a big collar. But under NO circumstances should you meet him on your own!!!

  • Sang/cite> says:

    This # called me (888 888 8) but something weird happened. It called me, and when I picked it up it called another person who I think was a random person. Hopefully it doesnt call me again. Im really confused and frustrated. After reading most of these messages, it seems like this # calls random people. I dont know.

  • Jed/cite> says:

    Modern technology has given telescammers the tools to call you.Since those telescammers are criminals, they ignore both the Do Not Call list and any request you might make.Modern technology can also protect you, if YOU do a few simple things!The first thing to do is to get a call blocker device, service or app.Then, use it correctly.Google call blocker for more information, or visit your favorite sales site.If you cannot afford or use such a tool, then:* Do not answer calls from unknown numbers ... let them go to voicemail or answering service* Do NOT return calls from unknown numbers! All that does is verify your phone number! And, in some cases, those return calls may cost $20 or more to complete.* If you have a dumb cell phone, assign the scammers number to a group named scammers (or similar). Then, assign a silent ringtone to that group.

  • Dan/cite> says:

    Bell Canada is a service provider that has 1-800 tollfree numbers that you can call into ie. Amercredit. If their office is based in BC and they are calling someone in Toronto their outbound number shows up. Which means they can only call out from that number, but their inbound calling number is the 1-800 number. Thats how tollfree numbers work.

  • Randell/cite> says:

    Craigslist scammer. Wanted to buy what I had for sale on craigslist. Typical scam of sending check.

  • Rodney/cite> says:

    I just fax back to the number and told them wrong number. it stop

  • Prince/cite> says:

    this person texted me about the boots that I am selling for 80 dollars and is offering me 280 I know total scam now I am messing with them there number is a text only number they became very appauled when I called it a scam. YOU WANT ME TO SEND SOMETHING TO AFRICA WHEN I CAN SEND IT TO YOU AND THEN YOU CAN MAIL IT OUT FOR YOUR FRIENDS BD, COME ON BE SMARTER

  • Quinton/cite> says:

    They t forgein speaking indivduals who r saying theybwork got attorney general wanting me verify personal info

  • Jefferson/cite> says:

    This number called I didnt answer and it said *my name* we car about you but befor this and also after its like a computer trying to talk and then it just goes out.