• Brad/cite> says:

  • Isaias/cite> says:

  • Isaias/cite> says:

    314 262 2133 called text to landline quoting bible quotes

  • Ron/cite> says:

  • Eduardo/cite> says:

  • Lawrence/cite> says:

  • Avery/cite> says:

  • Stacy/cite> says:

    Message advertising security services

  • Chas/cite> says:

    Someone says the name "Robert" then it asks if you want to send it voicemail.

  • Ezequiel/cite> says:

  • Everett/cite> says:

  • Graig/cite> says:

  • Mark/cite> says:

  • Beau/cite> says:

    I got a call from this number stating I got some gifts for the usage of my Visa card. Is this something to be trusted?

  • Saul/cite> says:

  • Lindsey/cite> says:

    Sebastian he says his name is.

  • Frances/cite> says:

  • Glenn/cite> says:

    This was a call from the, "Visa / MasterCard Assistance Center." It was an attempt to get my credit card information to (supposedly) lower my interest rates.

  • Alfonzo/cite> says:

    Called numerous times didn't answer no messages

  • Donny/cite> says:

  • Elmo/cite> says:

    thanks i called the number pressed 1 and had to enter my phone number to be taken off the call list.

  • Arturo/cite> says:

    Scam-they prey on people looking for jobs. Its a door to door insurance company

  • Lynwood/cite> says:

    Nothing. Most of the time just say they r telephone marketing. Or just hang up

  • Cameron/cite> says:

    Trying to reduce my credit card interest

  • Shayne/cite> says:

    trying to solicit through email

  • Nathan/cite> says:

    text message --> Boulder Valley CU Alert: Your CARD starting with 4492 has been DEACTIVATED. Please call 303-808-5637. I don't do any banking with this CU, so this is a scam

  • Barney/cite> says:

  • Wiley/cite> says:

    This number is spam. When u answer, your line is being charged.

  • Vaughn/cite> says:

  • Cyril/cite> says:

  • Gil/cite> says:

    weather alert text from CT ALERT ENS. Instructed to call above # and enter a code to hear message. What's this?

  • Major/cite> says:

    I got that same email, except he claimed to be from Unicef. When I got another email from some other guy with the same information I told him never to contact me again

  • Jared/cite> says:

    A text from the text now app. It kept calling then the few times where I asked who it was they just said call me. I told them the information I looked up and others have said it was a scam. Some said it was a man or a female with a heavy accent. Some just have them hang up and constantly call by the min even if you were to say wrong number. A website said a focal communications co is the ones calling. It's a scam.

  • Doyle/cite> says:

  • Berry/cite> says:

    Aaron's calling from unknown number! Trying to fool you!

  • Sam/cite> says:

    Left a recorded voice mail stating this is my last opportunity to lower my interest rate.  Sounds like a scam.

  • Angelo/cite> says:

  • Domingo/cite> says:

  • Milton/cite> says:

    rude and calls 4/5 times leaves no message starts exactly at 8am and keeps calling sent a text saying stop no message

  • Elvis/cite> says:

    I received a text message from this number saying "hey what's up?".

  • Mario/cite> says:

    Yes, very annoying. They call in the evening and at 2:30 in the morning and then every ten mins. sometimes. they leave a recording in possibly French.

  • Laurence/cite> says:

  • Irwin/cite> says:

  • Elton/cite> says:

  • Luther/cite> says:

    I have been getting one call every day for two weeks, but it is a recording telling me to hang on. When I don't answer, they do not leave a message. I have never talked to a person, and I do not want to call it back!

  • Sidney/cite> says:

    This number has been calling my mobile for the past week.  I finally answered and it is Comcast trying to sell something.  I asked to have my number removed, and he said he would but it could take up to 30 days.

  • Sylvester/cite> says:

  • Alfonso/cite> says:

  • Dominic/cite> says:

    Called, and did not leave a message. Very irritating.

  • Lino/cite> says:

    Consecutively called me   3 days now ,left no message on machine